I.M. Curtis

Welcome to L’histoire Jusqu’ici!

This blog initially began as a year-long assignment for a humanities program I participated in during my freshman year of college. It has since then evolved into my personal blog where I share my thoughts and opinions on various topics.

L’histoire Jusqu’ici is French for “The History Until Now,” which loosely translates to the phrase, “The Story So Far.”

I chose this name because, as I am currently in my Undergraduate College years and have just barely gotten into my 20s, I still have a lot of growing to do. And I want to share that growth here!

I believe in the Modern Day Renaissance Woman, so in addition to general lifestyle content, I will also be sharing book and movie reviews; short essays; and possibly some of my own creative writing.

I hope you enjoy what I have to share, and thank you for checking it out!